华美集团有限公司先后荣获首批“全国诚信守法企业”、“全国五一劳动奖状”、“河北省重合同守信用单位”、“河北省著名商标企业”“河北省质量效益型先进企业”等称号,“华美”在同行业首家被评为“中国驰名商标”,曾获得同行业唯一“产品质量国家免检”证书,迈入了中国保温建材业顶级品牌的行列。华美产品成为“河北省优质产品”、“河北省名牌产品”、“河北省高新技术产品”。离心玻璃棉产品通过欧盟CE认证,获得“采用国际标准认可”、“采用国际标准产品标志”证书。橡塑产品通过了SGS认证、英国BS476-1997 测试、韩国KS认证,高端产品美乐斯绝热保温材料通过美国和国际最高标准的检测获得FM认证,在国内同行业首家获得阻燃制品标识使用证、建材防火环保标识使用证、环保建材证明商标准用证、产品质量跟踪证书。企业参加了新国标GB/T 17794-2008、GB/T 13350-2008、GB/T 17795-2008、GB8624-2012的起草,凸显了华美集团的行业影响力和华美产品优异的技术性能,成为中国绝热节能材料行业标志性企业。



Located in the heartland of Beijing. Tianjin and Hebei and the Bohai Sea economic circle, Huamei is a large conglomerate incorporating research, development, production and sales. It consists of five branches. eight industrial parks, specializing in production of rubber -plastic insulation material, centrifugal glass wool, and extruded polystyrene insulation board (XPS),ion exchange resins and other insulation materials and chemical products. Nowadays, the world promoting energy saving and environment protection, with its top-notch production technology and industrial advantages, Huamei Group is unique and unparalleled in the green insulation building materials industry .Excellent quality, perfect service, convenient transportation, prompt and timely logistics system enable “Huamei” to cover all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions,widely used in Project of Beijing Olympic National Stadium Bird’s Nest、 NO.3 Airport Building of the Capital International Airport、The National Theatre, JingJin High speed railway, the World Exposition in Shanghai and some other famous Projects, Huamei rubber plastic heat insulation and preservation materials and centrifugal glass wool products put on Thermal Jackets for over 100 pavilions of Shanghai Expo, this is a top - ten news of China’s building materials industry in 2010 . Huamei products were also exported to Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries.


Huamei Group has won the first “batch of national credible and law-abiding businesses” ,“ National May Day Labor Award”‘ Hebei Contract -Honoring and Credible Unit ’,‘ Hebei Famous Brand Enterprise’ and “Hebei Quality and Efficiency of Advanced Enterprise” titles ,Huamei Group was once awarded the only ‘ Quality -inspection -free unit approved by competent state authorities ’among enterprises engaged in the same trade ,and has been among top brands of insulation building materials industry in China .Huamei products have awarded the title of “Hebei High quality products” “Hebei Famous Brand Products” and “Hebei High-tech Products” . Centrifugal glass wool products has passed CE certificated by EU , obtained the certificates of “adopting international standards recognized ”and “Adopting international standard product symbol ” . Rubber plastic heat insulation thermal material has passed SGS certificated , British BS476-1997 certificated , Korea KS certificated . High-end products Mlex preservation insulation materials have passed the America and the international highest Standard examination ,obtained the FM certificate. Huamei was the first one that obtained certificates of fire retardant product marks, fire retardant building material eco-friendly marksmand permits for eco-friendly building material identification trademarks ,product quality tracking certificate and participated in drafting the new national standard GB/T 17794-2008 , GB/T 13350-2008,and GB/T 17795-2008.These all showcase the industry influence of Huamei Group and excellent technical performance of Huamei products ,Now ,Huamei has a landmark in energy-saving insulation materials industry in china .


Huamei Group has been practicing the business philosophy of “sincere , regulation , Anthracic ,innovation ,” core values ,Contribute great energy-saving products ;create national brands as its mission ,Relying on professional production technology ,strict management ,and state -of-the-art equipment, Huamei Group is focusing on creating high-quality eco-friendly and energy -conserving products and striving for the long-lasting famous brand of global influence in the field of new building materials.

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